Great Sites

Check 'em out!!



Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology -- The college I attend

The Drudge Report -- For the most up-to-date real, unfiltered news -- before you'll see it ANYWHERE else!

Sean Hannity -- Check out his Radio Show every weekday on the AM!

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk -- Another good radio show to tune into on Sundays

Classic Audio -- The Marantz Collector's Essential Database

8-Track Heaven -- Everything you ever needed to know about 8-track tapes



Muffin Films -- Can you believe someone got a MA for this? I love the one called "Psst..." Do you like bran muffins??

Big Chrome -- Ghetto Fabulous!! Check out the Gallery videos!!

The Onion -- Gotta love the fake news

RICECOP -- Give those annoying ricers what they deserve!


Car Related:

OldsGmail -- The ULTIMATE Oldsmoble G-body enthusiast's mailing list and tech site!

RealOldsPower (ROP) -- Olds high performance and racing forum

SEMA Legislative Alerts -- Keep tabs on state and federal vehicle scrappage issues